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Specializing in Western Performance and Sport Horses

A horse should be shod for optimal performance in its chosen discipline. Doing so requires experience, understanding and skill. A good farrier won't make your horse a world champion, but they will enable it to perform to the best of its ability.

Problem Horses and Horses with Problems

Pain, insecurity, inexperience can all add up to a horse that doesn't like the farrier. A calm, confident approach while keeping a horse comfortable and balanced makes for a relaxed and problem free time with the farrier.

Simple, but not Easy

Balance and angle is the key to a sound horse that moves well. Time and again horses respond positively to this "back to basics" approach. No smoke and mirrors, no snake oil, just good shoeing.

Resistance Free Horseshoeing

Grounded in resistance free horsemanship; everyone wins when a horse is calm and relaxed.

Lameness and Therapeutic Expert

I am fortunate to be referred by veterinarians when things aren't going well. Whether its laminitis, navicular, or a mystery; correct balance and angle solves most problems.

My Commitment to you, I will:
  • Manage your horse's schedule to maintain optimum health and call when your horse is due.
  • Return calls promptly and arrive to appointments on time.
  • Be clean, friendly and treat you and your horse with respect.
  • Watch your horse move and listen to your concerns.
  • Ask for feedback on the horse since the last shoeing.
  • Collaborate with the rest of your care team.
  • Trim and shoe your horse to keep it sound and comfortable.

My Approach to Different Disciplines 

Western Performance and Hunters
These are my specialties. While they require different shoeing styles, they both require the same attention to balance and movement. I have shod champions in both disciplines.

Show Jumping, Eventing, and Endurance
While many would not put these disciplines together they share similar goals for the farrier. Keeping a horse sound, moving cleanly and preventing fatigue. Of course, eventing crosses over into the next category.

Balance, balance, balance. Keep them clean, sound and balanced.

Trail, Pleasure, Backyard, Retired
Please don't let the other categories scare you off, nearly 50% of my clients fit into this category. They may not actively show their horses, but they still love them all the same. Many older horses require just as much attention to balance to ensure they stay comfortable in their retirement.

For more information, call:

(858) 333-2351

I look forward to hearing from you.
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